The Mountain Music Comedy Spectacular

With only a minimal amount of time to make a decision, Jim is forced to ask the hard question, how far will he go to provide for his family?


FRACK!! (the Mountain Music Comedy Spectacular) is a full-length musical comedy play. Set in the Raleigh County area of West Virginia, the story revolves around a family who has recently fallen on hard times and has been presented with the opportunity for a gas company to drill on their land. This lighthearted play features 8 original songs written by Jeremiah Scarborough, and was originally performed by some of the region's top musical talent, including Long Point String BandThe Kind Thieves, and MORE!  Click the "Get The Music" link to hear the original cast recordings.  The WV Collective is currently open with a new production of FRACK!! at The Raleigh Playhouse & Theatre in Beckley WV.  Show dates are Nov. 20 -24, 2019.  CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS


Things are tough all over for Jim Cunningham. A coal truck driver who recently lost his job and his marriage, Jim isn't exactly adapting well to life as a stay at home single parent. With two kids, a twenty-something daughter which can best be described as lazy, and a son with an ever-evolving identity crisis, Jim is clearly in over his head. In addition to family's issues, Jim's bills are piling up and his chances at employment are getting fewer by the day. Luckily, as Jim is about to hit his breaking point, he is met by a peculiar visitor from the Grendel Gas Corporation with an interesting offer; all of his money problems can go away on one, simple stipulation... only they can decide where on his property to install the gas fracturing well. With only a minimal amount of time to make a decision, Jim is forced to ask the hard question, how far will he go to provide for his family?

The Playwright

FRACK!! is the second production from playwright, JC Lacek.  His first, Abomination on Bolt Mountain, premiered at The Raleigh Playhouse in June of 2016, and was also featured in San Francisco‚Äôs Greenhouse Theatre Festival. In addition to playwriting, JC also created and writes the forthcoming Jazz Legend series on Scout Comics.

The Music

The music for FRACK!! was written by WV native Jeremiah Scarborough specifically for the play.  8 original songs have been composed and arranged by musical director Jason Lockart with help from the Long Point String Band, and The Kind Thieves - who will alternate as the show's live backing band 'The Gas Company'.  A fully produced cast recording album is currently available for sale HERE ON CDBABY.COM

The Cast & Crew

Our goal with Frack!! is to create an event which transcends the average local theater experience, becoming something closer to a community building project designed specifically for the people of West Virginia.  As such, our entire cast and crew are Beckley area natives.


  • J.C. Lacek
    In addition to his credits as writer & creator of Whiskey Tango Comics, and the forthcoming Jazz Legends series on Scout Comics; Cool Ridge WV native J.C. Lacek is the Raleigh Playhouse & Theatre's resident playwright.
  • Robby Moore
    Robby has dedicated his life to the arts in southern WV through his own Robby Moore Art imprint, his work with Treehouse Arts Ensemble, and his decade plus residency at Tamarack: Best of WV.
  • Cheslea Andrade
    Stage Manager

    Cheslea Andrade is from Beckley, WV. She graduated WWHS and just recently received her BFA at Marshall University as a performer and Stage Manager. Some credits include: SM; Circle Mirror Transformation, ASM; Unto These Hills, and Beatty; Fahrenheit 451. 

  • Jason Lockart
    Musical Director
    Haling from New Jersey, Jason has spent most of his life in the world of music, including performing in dozens of bands, and touring as back-line tech for Electric Light Orchestra.  Jason has also appeared on Stage in Raleigh Playhouse's production of 'Time Flies'.


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